The Venue

The event will be held at the Eastleigh Football Club.

Eastleigh Football Club
The Silverlake Stadium
Stoneham Lane
SO50 9HT

Full details on how to get to the Silverlake Stadium are here

NB – the event will be undercover. See here for FAQs

Message from Eastleigh Football Club:
Eastleigh Football Club are thrilled to welcome and host the Voices For Hospice Choir at the Silverlake Stadium this year.

As a football club we pride ourselves on continuously working with charities, the local community and like minded establishments to develop, build and provide an outstanding ongoing working relationship and service. Our ethos and morales are such that events of this nature are never a chore, but an absolute privilege.

The Silverlake Stadium has been subject to vast change and redevelopment over the past few years. As early as 2005, average attendances were around the 500 mark. Soon after this, the ‘Spitfires’ current owner and chairman, Stewart Donald, gained a majority share in the football club. Since then his financial backing, along with unrivalled ambition and purpose, has allowed Eastleigh Football Club and its surroundings to become simply unrecognisable. Fast forward to the current day and average attendances are nearer the 3,000 mark.

We’re delighted to be hosting the Voices For Hospice Choir in our 2,500 capacity ‘Mackoys Community Stand’ located on the south side of the stadium. The novelty of this event being held in a football ground is somewhat exciting, not to mention the view of the pitch from the stand!

We can’t wait to welcome you all.